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How To Properly Achieve A Week Without Sugar

To see too much present in our daily life, white sugar is our enemy when we seek to lose weight.

Very popular in this season, the sugar-free week is a good way to wean yourself off and get back in shape.

Here are all the tips to get all the benefits.

Spring is comfortably installed, and we have only one desire: to feel good in our body and in our head. For some of us, this means shedding a few extra pounds and regaining a slim waist.

If for that, a healthy diet and the practice of a sporting activity , a small ultra effective trick can supplement this routine: to make a week without sugar.

Doctors are categorical that regular weeks without sugar has many benefits and promotes weight loss, it is still necessary to achieve it.

Sugar-Free Week: These Tips To Make It Happen

Going a week without sugar does not mean no longer consuming it, on the contrary. This is to ban white sugar and focus on natural sugars.

If to adopt this routine, you will need to swap your favorite cookie for a fruit in case of hunger pangs, there are also a few little habits that you will need to change.

First, you will need to favor legumes and abandon starchy foods, which are rich in starches, an important source of sugar.

You can sweeten and flavor your desserts by adding sugar substitutes such as vanilla, fruit purees, cinnamon, or citrus zest.

If you are a smoker, know that cigarettes are your enemy in your fight against sugar.

Composed of sweet additives, it promotes cravings for sugars during the day (friends who use electronic cigarettes, this is also valid for you.).

As betrayals often come from those we love the most: you will have to reduce your consumption of tea and coffee , which secretes cravings for sugar once their effects have worn off.

Finally, to successfully pass this challenge, we ban industrial preparations from our diet and we pay attention to the composition of the food we buy.

The benefits of a week without sugar

If white sugar does not contain any nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of our body, it is therefore not essential for our diet.

Testing a week without sugar will have tremendous benefits for our physical and mental health.

If sugar quickly turns into fat , no longer consuming it will allow you to no longer store it and therefore say bye bye to unwanted pounds .

But that’s not its only benefit (as important as it is).

Indeed, throughout your sugar-free week, you will notice a change in your mood and regain your morale , because sugar is responsible for chronic inflammation, which affects brain function.

Saying goodbye to sugar is saying hello to a rejuvenated skin and glowing, because it stimulates the process of deformation of our skin.

Falling for this challenge means finding a healthier mouth and teeth, as well as a definitely strengthened immune system.

If this practice has all the arguments to convince us, not sure that we want to consume sugar again after this week.

Sugar Free Week: The Secret To Weight Loss

Very popular this season, the sugar-free week is recommended by doctors when looking to lose weight. Indeed, white sugar is the first factor in weight gain.

While it is absolutely not necessary for the proper functioning of our body, because it does not contain any nutrients, white sugar nevertheless easily turns into fat after ingestion.

It also promotes inflammation, cellulite formation and hormonal imbalances responsible for weight gain.

Week without sugar: weaning from an addiction

In addition to being the key to effective weight loss, stopping sugar is also beneficial for our health.

Indeed, sugar activates the reward systems in the brain, which suddenly, is in perpetual search for pleasure and therefore will require an ever greater dose.

Sugar creates a real sense of addiction, which researchers tend to compare with that of cocaine.

Sugar-free week: stock up on fruit

For this sugar-free week, fruits will be your allies. They will provide you with all the nutrients you need to be healthy with gluttony.

So in case of a little craving, swap your cookie for good juicy strawberries.

Sugar Free Week: Using Substitutes

If you are a pastry fan and can’t do without it. It is nevertheless recommended to reduce its consumption.

You can also swap the sugar in your preparation for natural sugars such as fruit puree which will give flavor to your desserts.

You can also use vanilla, cinnamon, citrus zest or orange blossom for a natural sweet touch.

Sugar-free week: reduce your tea and coffee consumption

To have a successful sugar-free week, it is important to limit your consumption of tea and coffee.

Even if you enjoy them without sugar, their simple consumption has a perverse effect by encouraging the consumption of sugar when their energizing effects wear off.

Week without sugar: stop smoking

Since cigarettes contain sweet additives, smoking leads to consuming more sugar. Starting a week without sugar is a great way to try and quit smoking to take care of your health and lose weight.

The same goes for electronic cigarettes, which, because of their generally sweet tastes, promote cravings for sugars once the effect has worn off.

Week without sugar: abandon industrial dishes

The ready-made meals that you find in supermarkets are very (too) often ultra high in sugar.

To succeed in your week without sugar, you must therefore banish them from your diet and especially check the composition of each food you buy.

Week without sugar: add honey

Going for a week without sugar does not mean not consuming it at all. The idea here is to favor natural sugars rather than white sugar.

So, in your daily cottage cheese, add a few drops of honey for example.

Sugar-free week: favor legumes with ease

To limit your sugar intake, reduce your consumption of starchy foods in favor of legumes.

Richer in starch, starches are a greater source of sugar unlike legumes which are better balanced. Favor gentle cooking so as not to raise their Glycemic index.

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