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Lose Weight: How To Have A Good Breakfast According To Experts

There is good reason why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Here is the expert advice on how to have a good breakfast when looking to lose weight (or not).

Eat breakfast yes, but not just any old way! Although breakfast is the first and most important meal of our day, it is no excuse to devour all the sweets in our kitchen.

Breakfast is the meal that will set the tone for our day. When you want to lose a few extra pounds or stay in shape, there are a few little habits to adopt for a good breakfast.

Unfortunately, our traditional butter croissant and hot chocolate should be banned from our eating routine.

These expert tips for an efficient breakfast

When we are looking to shed a few extra pounds, our diet must be healthy and breakfast sets the pace . While sugary foods aren’t welcome at our table, natural grains, fruits, and protein are.

Be careful, having a good breakfast also means taking the time to eat and especially not skipping it. To avoid the morning cravings that make us snack, our first meal of the day should be full and last between 10 and 15 minutes to digest it better.

And if some of us are not hungry in the morning, go for homemade smoothies so as not to start the day on an empty stomach, but to avoid bloating.

Clearly, to say goodbye to unwanted pounds, we concoct a good breakfast rich in good foods and take the time to enjoy it.

Have a full breakfast

For a good breakfast, it must be complete. The first meal of the day should contain all the foods that will allow us to fill up with energy for the day. So we include natural cereals for energy, fruit for vitamins, milk for calcium and a drink (unsweetened) for pleasure.

Take his time

Well, breakfast is taking the time to eat. Devoting time to the first meal of the day helps to avoid cravings in the morning and therefore avoid snacking. Also, the slower we eat, the better we digest so we avoid bloating.

Don’t eat too much sweet

If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s no excuse to eat anything and everything. To lose weight, you must therefore avoid eating too much sugar and favor natural foods. Goodbye butter croissant, hello cereal bread with organic jam and no added sugar.

Don’t skip breakfast

When we are trying to lose weight we tend to think that we need to eat less, which is not true. We must of course reduce the quantities, but above all choose the right foods.

Not having breakfast leads to a lack of energy, cravings, and an urge to eat fatty foods for your sustenance. If you’re not hungry in the morning, you don’t force yourself. We can also consider a breakfast at 10 am.

Go to sleep having eaten

For a good breakfast, you have to go to bed with dinner. Skipping the evening meal will lead to a nighttime hunger that will certainly lead you to fatty and easy-to-eat products once you wake up.

Drink a smoothie

While it often happens that you are not hungry in the morning, it is essential to feed yourself anyway. For this, you can prefer homemade smoothies made from fruit, vegetable milk and natural cereals.

Since liquid is easier to consume than solid foods, you will still have your dose of energy which will prevent you from snacking sessions in the morning.

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