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Losing Thighs: Simple Exercises for Losing Thighs

Losing weight thighs and buttocks: the sports routine to adopt

Although the list of physical activities is long for losing thighs, some exercises stand out more than others in terms of effectiveness. It is recommended to vary the exercises to work all the muscles and not neglect an area. If weight training is our ally to refine our thighs, it is not done every day.

For our muscles to develop, we must give them time to rest and rebuild themselves. You can opt for a bike ride or a few dance sessions between each session to solicit them without tiring them too much.

We put on our most beautiful leggings sculpting, and from Monday to Saturday, we spread out our exercises to lose thighs and build a dream booty (one does not go without the other, of course.)

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Losing thighs: sport + good nutrition = optimal results

If you want to lose thighs, you must have a healthy and varied diet. Sport cannot give us the thighs of our dreams on its own, and we have to help it a little. Whatever part of the body you are aiming for, what matters is having a balanced diet rich in fiber. As they say, we are what we eat.

We then avoid the lousy fat that settles comfortably on our bodies, which is very difficult to destock. It also abandons refined sugars and industrial food, which affect our physical fitness but also mental.

To lose thighs and fight against water retention in the legs, drink water at will, and turn away from salt. And, of course, don’t skimp on vegetables and legumes and whole grains, which do not lead to fat gain.

Losing thighs: the kickback exercise

Position yourself in a sitting dog position with your knee and hand touching the ground.

Raise the leg of your choice back and then lower it. Inhale when you raise your foot and breathe out when you lower it.

Losing thigh fat exercises : the lunges exercise

While standing, legs shoulder-width apart, back straight, take a step forward. : flex forward until you get a right angle.

When flexing your legs, be sure to stay as straight as possible and squeeze your glutes.

For more difficulties, you can use a staircase or a chair.

Losing thighs: the bridge exercise

Lie on your back, bend your knees.

Squeeze and lift your glutes, supporting your body with your arms and the soles of your feet.

Return to the starting position.

To do the exercise correctly, exhale as you lift your glutes and inhale as you lower your body.

Losing thighs: the flapper exercise

Sit with your legs crossed, knees touching the floor, and your left and right feet touching.

Kick your legs up and down.

For this exercise, keep your back straight.

Losing thighs:

Women are working out in the gym.

Losing thighs: cycling

The bike draws the muscles in finesse and works the legs from the calves to the thighs. On a walk or exercise bike, treat yourself to short sessions of 1 hour to lose thighs.

Losing thighs: the knee lift exercise

Simple but very effective, the knee lifts exercise consists of balancing our weight from one leg to the other by raising the knees in reverse.

Gain your abs for more work. Repeat this movement 12 times and do three sets.

Losing thighs: the lateral scissor exercise

Lie on your left side, resting on the forearm in front of the bust.

Contract your abs and slightly lift your straight leg, then come back down without putting it down. Repeat this movement 12 times, then change legs and this three times.

Losing thighs: the chair exercise

With your back firmly against the wall, lower your buttocks to an angle.

Put your hands on your thighs and squeeze your abs. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the five times.

These are the simple steps to losing weight thighs and buttocks

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