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Losing Weight: Here Are The 9 Foods To Avoid For Breakfast According To Nutritionists

If we keep hearing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is essential to choose the foods that will compose it. And yes, unfortunately, this sentence does not mean that we have the right to rob our cupboard and swallow all the delicacies that pass to us.

When we want to lose our few extra pounds or to keep in shape, certain foods should be left out.

Lose weight: get rid of our slimming enemies

When we are looking to get rid of a few unwanted pounds , there is no secret: our diet must be healthy (no need to embark on a big drastic diet, just choose the right foods ). If we thought that certain foods were welcome at our morning table, we happened to be on the wrong track.

No question of doing without your glass of orange juice or jam on your toast , but it is better to opt for homemade than industrial. The products purchased in our supermarket are often enriched with sugars and additives,enough to interfere with our quest to lose weight.

For a good breakfast worthy of the name, our table must do without the company of modified products.

Sandwich bread

Extremely rich in carbohydrates, the calorie intake of industrial sandwich bread is monstrous. Also, it contains many more additives than vitamins necessary to start the day well. It can be replaced by wholemeal bread or even natural cereals.

The biscuits

Rich in lipids and carbohydrates, cupcakes should be avoided at breakfast time. For a little indulgence, it is better to favor homemade cookies with low-sugar ingredients.

Fruit juices

Although we love having them on our table for breakfast, industrial fruit juices are not welcome. Depleted in fiber and rich in sugars, they do not provide the nutrients needed to refuel. On the other hand, a good freshly squeezed juice is more than invited to our breakfast.


With a caloric intake of 300 kcal per piece and a content of 20% lipids for the pain and chocolate and 21g of lipids for the croissant, these little delicacies should be avoided.


Industrial jams may be good on our sandwiches but they are bad for our line. Enriched in sugar, it is better to favor low-fat jams, and better still, homemade ones.


Although rich in vitamins, cheese remains a source of too much fat. This food is therefore not to be favored in our breakfasts.

Industrial cereals

They take us back to childhood, but industrial cereals are unforgivable when you try to be careful of your figure. However, they can be replaced with natural cereals, such as oats, muesli or even barley. What to enjoy a gourmet and healthy breakfast.


If dairy products are good for our health, it is still necessary to know which ones to favor in our breakfasts. Enriched with additives and added products, even industrial “natural” yogurts should be left on their shelves.

Chocolate spreads

With palm oil or not, chocolate spreads are not our allies for slimming, on the contrary. Rich in carbohydrates and lipids, this pasta contains nearly 60% of sugars and fats.

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