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These Unexpected Activities That Burn As Many Calories As Exercise

Our body burns calories all day long, no matter what we do. Even if it’s nothing at all!

Calories are our energy, our fuel, it is what allows us to cover the daily expenses of our organism. As we know, our needs differ depending on whether you are a man or a woman, depending on your age, height and weight. And according to its activity.

How many calories do you need per day?

It is considered that for a woman between 20 and 60 years old, 1,800 to 2,200 calories per day are necessary. Consequently, if we consume more calories than we expend, we risk putting on weight . We can never repeat enough that a balanced and varied diet as well as a few minutes of physical activity every day (30 minutes of walking, it is 150 calories burned) are the winning duo if we want to feel good in his body (and in his head).

How do you spend these calories?

But how do we burn our calories ? It is not very difficult because nature is fortunately well done: in everyday life, in our slightest daily acts and gestures, we spend our energy without realizing it. Even when we do nothing. So no need to run for hours or spend half a day at the gym to burn calories.

Every physical activity causes us to lose calories (and when we say physical activity, we cast a wide net!) And housework is perfect for that: vacuuming, having fun with your children, watching TV, sleeping or standing. , climb the stairs, laugh, go shopping, kiss?

All this is an opportunity to exercise with a minimum of effort and without the fuss.


By kissing , we lose 2 to 3 calories per minute.

To laugh

Depending on the intensity and duration, you burn between 10 and 40 calories in 10 or 15 minutes.

To sleep

Getting 7 hours of sleep loses 382 calories.

Going up (and down) stairs

There is 0.11 calorie lost for an uphill walk and 0.05 calories lost for a downhill walk.


Driving your car loses between 120 and 135 calories per hour.

To go shopping

Shopping can lose up to 200 calories per hour.


When you read for an hour, you lose an average of 50 calories.

Talk on the phone

Talking on the phone burns around 102 calories per hour. Imagine if you do it while walking …

To vacuum

Vacuuming burns 238 calories in an hour. The mop ? 119 calories. Obviously, you don’t spend as much time doing it, except living in a palace …

Take a shower

15 minutes in the shower burns 62 calories.

Prepare to eat

Preparing a nice little meal for an hour means spending around 150 calories.

Watch the television

Sitting in front of the TV makes you lose 28 calories per 1/2 hour. And watching a horror movie makes you lose even more calories (on average 113 calories for 90 minutes)!

Stay seated

An hour of sitting at your desk is 102 calories less.

Staying up

Even standing causes a loss of calories: six hours of standing burns 0.15 kilo calories more per minute than sitting. Hence the importance of moving when you are at work.

Have fun with your kids

Kids pump energy: 186 calories for 30 minutes.

Take care of your laundry

One hour of laundry is 68 calories. So much for ironing.


One hour of dancing is 200 to 600 calories burnt.


About 300 calories are expended per hour of gardening.

Make love

Exercise in the bedroom burns around 200 calories per half hour.


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